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This will be short. Claudine is still in the hospital. She can't keep any food down at all. She is still on IV medicine. And she is in a lot of pain. The kids are getting kinda weirded out that their mom isn't home. Actually just Bobby. Jake is handling things wonderfully because he's old enough to understand what's happening. Annabel doesn't understand anything at all. She knows that her mom isn't around but Jake and I keep her busy and entertained. Bobby knows just enough about the situation to be upset by it. We did go to visit Claudine today. She was quiet and tired but she looked better than yesterday. Again, I feel helpless because I can't do anything to take her pain away or help her heal any faster.

Apparently a hematoma can be caused by the surgeons spending too much time in that area. Other doctors have been giving anecdotal stories about when doctors operate on people they are friends with. The doctors get so concerned about doing the perfect job during the procedure that they spend too much time inside the patient and that can cause the blood to clot in that area. I can't blame the doctor at all. I wanted her to get the best repair possible. And I think that even though Claudine has complications, she'll be happy when she recovers.