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Things are not going as smoothly as Claudine thought they would. Claudine was hoping that this operation would just result in an overnight stay in the hospital. But this morning she was in a whole boatload of pain. However much pain a boatload would contain. And when I say "this morning" I mean "all night". Turns out that she has a hemotoma as a result of the operation. Hema meaning blood and toma meaning "Oh my God, that really hurts!" Actually, it means that a whole bunch of blood collected in that area of her body - kinda like a bruise. The pain of the spasiming muscles combined with the hematoma is causing Claudine to need great amounts of narcotics and other fun pain releivers. And those drugs are making her incredibly nauseous. So she's miserable. Which really sucks for her. And there isn't anything I can do for her. I feel incredibly helpless and I feel like I'm letting her down somehow. But then I remember that this isn't about me. I try to be as supportive as I can to her but this is something that only her inner strength and time will take care of.