March 06, 2009

What tha' ?

Hey everybody! Bet you didn't expect to see me here again. And when I say "everybody", I mean a small handful of people that even knew I had this blog.

Yeah, I've got the online itch again. I don't know if it will sustain me for years and years or if this is the only entry I will make again.

The real reason for my reappearance online is the fact that I got a Blackberry Storm phone. This phone has so many social networking apps installed on it that I fell into the Facebook trap. That started me on the path of entering little snippets of my life online. Now I'm starting to feel the urge to write again. I love giving my opinion, dammit! And the internet is tailor-made for putting my insane opinions and nonsense online. The *real* question is: why have I been away for so long?

So we'll see what happens. Stay tuned to this space for further updates (But don't hold your breath - I'm easily distracted by shiny things). If you've found this space by Facebook, please explore the site and leave a comment on whether you might possibly be interested in reading more nonsense here.

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November 08, 2005

I'm a Voter

Just a quick note to say: Go out and vote!

No, I'm not a poet. Just go vote. The only thing worse than reading in the post-election paper that your candidate lost their election is reading that less than half of registered voters actually voted.

Although I have to admit that choosing a gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey was a difficult task this year.

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May 07, 2005

Toe Update



As you can see, I still have my toe. As disgusting as that is.

These pictures don't really show much, but if you can get away from that actual grossness of my toe, you can see where the entire right side of my toe got scraped. In the second picture you can see a little flap of skin that is still seperated from the actual toe. Right after the "incident", the entire section from that flap down to the black mark near the nail was not connected to my body at all.

All in all, I'm a pretty disgusting human being. Come back in a few days and I'll show you all the places on my body where hair shouldn't grow but actually *is* growing. All due to the magic of getting older.

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May 02, 2005

Hello Toe, Goodbye Toe

I managed to rip off a large portion of my left big toe this evening.

I'll just let that sentence sit there for a minute.

I was walking into the garage wearing socks (and *other* clothes, not just socks) to get something out of the refrigerator when I slipped on a piece of chalk. Not a tiny, thin stick of chalk like teachers used in school. I'm talking about a big, thick, round, hunk of sidewalk-drawin' chalk. Chalk that, interestingly enough, was almost the exact color gray (grey?) as the garage floor. My right foot stepped directly on the chalk and I started rolling forward. My left foot, in a rush to help keep balance, came forward really, *really* hard stubbing the big toe in the process.

Stubbing is such an innocent word. It's kind of cute - "stub". What really happened during the "Stubbing" is that I basically kicked my big toe directly in the concrete garage floor. I felt like I had broken it. Which is stupid because since I've never broken my big toe, I can't really say that I know what it feels like. I cursed and cursed. Damnit. And I hobbled upstairs to our bedroom where Claudine and all three kids were playing and watching T.V. I told Claudine about what happened and we joked about it. I asked her if she wanted to kiss it and I lifted my foot up to her face. That was when we both noticed the large amount of blood pumping out of my sock. Whoa-oooh. Better take a look at that.

I hobbled back into the bathroom where I took off my sock. And I was greeted by a portion of my big toe waving back at me. Which is to say that a portion of the tip of the toe had separated itself from the rest of the big toe. Claudine immediately jumped into action. And so did I. While Claudine was looking for all sorts of medical equipment, I went down to my office to take a picture of my toe. And of course, it was then that I discovered that the batteries in my digital camera were dead. So I don't have a picture of the wound to show you.

Claudine patched be up with these things called "Steri-strips" which are the next step down from actual stitches. She *could* have stitched me up right there in the kitchen if she needed to. I think that's pretty cool - I'll never have to go to the emergency room for stitches any more. I'll just have my wife stitch me up in the kitchen. But I don't have stitches this time. In a couple of days, she'll take these Steri-Strips off and look to see if that little chunk of flesh at the end of my toe wants to remain part of the toe or if I'm going to have a deformed little piggy for the rest of my life.

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March 16, 2005

Lasers shooting into my eyes

I went for LASIK treatment on my eyes yesterday. And it didn't hurt. Just a little pain when the doctor pressed this suction thing into my left eye. Now dealing with contacts is a thing of the past.

Modern medicine is truly a wonderful thing. The more I think about this technique, the more amazed I am. They peel a little flap off the surface of your eye, they shoot some lasers into your eye to change the contour of your eye, and then flip the flap back onto your eye. Who would even think that was possible?

The process was a little easier for me than most people I think, because I got to watch them do it to Claudine. So as they were doing it to me, I knew what was happening. I think it would have freaked me out to have all these little things jabbing, pressing and cutting into my eyes if I didn't know what they were.

Now my sight is 20-15 in each eye. There are times when everything I see is a little *TOO* sharp. It almost hurts to see this clearly. Because even with contacts, I'm sure my sight wasn't 20-15. It's as if my brain has gotten used to having a little blurriness for so long that it can't process all the data it's receiving now.

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