November 08, 2005

Golf Pages

I added some golf pages to the site. Basically some info about the outings that I play in plus a main page for our annual Myrtle Beach golf trip.

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December 16, 2004

Getting back up to speed

I've been familiarizing myself with all the things that Movable Type can and can't do. And as you can tell, I've gone above and beyond in creating a remarkable graphic experience for visitors to the site. Hmmm, blue and grey... Ok, so I haven't done too much with the whole "graphics" thing yet.

It's kind of weird giving up on the old format. I mean, I killed myself to get those graphics and formats just right. But no matter what, I never thought it looked as good as any of the other sites I visited. And I visited A LOT of other sites. I mean, it was either that or actually get work done. Anyway, I'm coming to realize that no matter what I could have accomplished in the way of web design, I would have never been satisfied. I think that's just a problem I have.

I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to *not* have that problem here in the blog world. I need to get away from the temptation of fiddling with the design and the colors and the graphics and the fonts and the.... see? There are so many things that I could find to derail my actual posting of entries. And let's face it... no one really comes to a website for the design. People come for the content. Although this page outlines this point much better than I have.

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November 29, 2004

Finally Giving In

So it's come to this. I've moved to the blog world. I always said I would never blog. But here we are. But let's be serious here. One of the things that kept me from updating the journal version of this website was the coding. I derived a certain amount of pride from hand-coding the entire site and creating all the graphics. But all that is worth nothing if I didn't actually, you know, update it.

So it's come to this. A blog at LS Place. But c'mon. It's been more than a year and a half since I've posted anything in the journal. Now at least I'll need to come up with a new excuse for not posting.

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