January 07, 2005

Bad! Bad Exercise Monkey!

So I ran again today. This was my first attempt at running since the big gastric blowout to open the year 2005. (Gastric blowout sounds like something disgusting, but I was referring to this. Although Gastric Blowout would make a good name for a band). The shocking thing about this run was that it was a really good run.

I've been trying to keep a routine of running 3 miles every other day. I have no delusions that I will be an Olympic marathoner - I just want to try to stay in shape as I approach my twilight years. Forty-one is quite old you know. I don't always stick to that schedule but I'm pretty close. Some times if the weather is really bad, I'll stay inside and ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes. But the holidays had caused me to slack a just a tad.

I have no explanation for why this run was so much better than I've ever done before. There was a tailwind for parts of the run, but since I run a lap around my block, there was a headwind for the same amounts of time. By the way, I gotta get a new route to run. Because I run 6 laps around my block (which is an exact 1/2 mile around - convenient), I pass in front of my house at the end of every lap. Which leads to me arguing with myself whether to quit at the end of each lap.

What I need to do is run a mile and 1/2 in one direction and then turn back around to come home.

Since I've started this running jag, I've been a proud member of the sub 10 minute mile club over 3 miles. Which is really nothing to be proud of, but that's where I find myself. But today I got eversoclose to a 9 minute mile. I could definately run a 9 minute mile if I were just running 1 mile - perhaps even an sub 8 minute mile. But I could never keep that pace up for 3 miles. I've never really timed what my best mile time would be. I would do that, but I have a feeling that I would spend the rest of the day passed out on the couch.

So to sum up: Unmotivated to run today. Felt lousy doing it. Ran really well. You figure it out.

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