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May 01, 2005

May Day

How many other blog and journal entries are title "May Day" today? Don't know, but I couldn't think of anything original.

So here I am trying to pick this blog up again. If this effort is anything like the last few, you should see a number of entries in the next week or so, then nothing until I get motivated once *again*. Not sure why sitting down and writing entries is so difficult. Perhaps it is the three kids in the house.

Speaking of the house, we are about to have some major work done on our house. I may have mentioned before that my mother is coming to live with us. After my father died, the house she was living in was just too big. Actually, *before* my father died the house was too big for them. It was the house we moved into in 1975. So they had a four bedroom house for the two of them. And now it's just her so it's time for her to get out.

Our current house is a split level so we got the wacky idea to go up one more level. So we're building a good size apartment one half flight up. And since that split is right against Annabel's room, we are adding a little loft to give her a little more space. We are also building a small office for me off the master bedroom. That way I can get out of the converted dining room. the dining room with no doors. The dining room that the kids like to run through. When I'm on the phone.

So the construction starts in the next couple of days. And in this case, "construction" starts with distruction. They have to take the current roof and rafters off before they can start to build. So that should be interesting. We've had to empty out Annie's room completely. We've moved her bed into Jake's room because that's the biggest room. And he certainly is handling the inconvenence better than I think Bobby would. The whole thing is supposed to take 12 to 15 weeks. I'm sure that those of you who have dealt with contractors before are laughing at that right now.

Claudine took some "before" pictures. Yet I am too lazy to get her camera to post them right now. If you come back tomorrow, you get to see the "before" pictures. I'll be posting pictures all the way though this ordeal for your amusement. And that way you can play right along at home with our remodeling project.

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