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April 04, 2005

My Baseball Hell

Ah, the New York Mets. Today was the Met's opening day game. I was listening to the game while I was driving around doing errands yesterday. Everything seemed to be going well. All the new guys that the Mets added in the off season were doing great (including a pretty good performance by Pedro). All their young talent was doing great. It seemed like the season was getting off to a great start. Until the ninth inning. I went into Target just as the Mets' half of the eigth inning was over. The Mets' were leading 6-4 with Looper coming into pitch. I buy my crap, race back to the car to find out the game was over, Reds win 7-6. Ack.

This is the thing that is going to get Pedro Martinez pissed by July. Even though he wasn't in a position to win this game, I can see many blown win opportunities start to really piss Pedro off. If the Mets' bullpen can't keep a lead, look for Pedro to get crazy.

Posted by aellis at April 4, 2005 10:32 PM


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