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April 01, 2005

April 1st

Can you believe it's April already?

I played golf for the first time this year. And I was horrible. Just horrible. But it was nice to get back out there. Shooting a bad score didn't bother me as much as it usually does. I think that's just because I didn't have any great expectations for the first time out.

I was lucky to catch a break in the horrible, rainy weather that has drenched the Northeast. It stopped raining early enough in the week that the course had dried out somewhat. There was about a six or seven hour period on Friday that was sunny and 60 degrees. Then four hours after I played, the temperature dropped and the rains started again. We're forecast to have two days of heavy rain with the possiblity of four inches total. Which is fine because I have to travel next week and can't play golf this coming Friday.

Hey, the Pope is on his way out. Unless this is an elaborate April Fool's joke on the part of the Vatican. I can see what this is a big deal for the Catholic Church, but I don't understand why everyone is praying for him. I mean, if everything that the Pope says is true, then the John Paul II is going on to a much, much better place. I would think that Catholics would be really happy for the Pope. If anyone is going to heaven based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, it would be the Pope. Although I'm sure there are many people who argue that the Pope is the least deserving person to get to heaven.

I'm also kinda curious why Congress isn't passing some type of overreaching law to have a feeding tube inserted into the Pope.

I remember when John Paul II (and JP the first) were elected. I was 15 at the time. Not being a particularly relgious person ( ok, not religous at all) and not coming from a particularly relgious family, this was my first real exposure to all things Popey. I was fascinated by the whole Pope election process when John Paul was choosen. Then just a month later, I got to watch it all over again to choose John Paul II. I still think there was something fishy about that whole thing John Paul I thing.

The thing that I thought was cool (besides the whole black smoke/white smoke thing) was that all the Cardinals get locked up in a building until they can agree on the next Pope. Although it seems that John Paul II changed some of the rules recently so that it is easier and more comfortable for those crazy Cardinals.

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