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January 18, 2005

Non-Productivity, Take II

Well, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day thing worked itself out until next year - Jake is back to school today. But Annabel is home again today. Her fever broke sometime last night and hasn't come back yet. Which is good. But she still didn't sleep well and is kind tired and cranky still. Which is bad.

For me, Christmas shopping always involves picking up one or two little gifts for myself. Stuff I wouldn't buy ordinarily except that I am already buying something for someone else and my wallet is already open. One of those things this year was a DVD of Max Fleischer Superman cartoons. Besides being a Superman fan, I love the old animation of these cartoons. Although since these were made in the 1940s, there are some content in here that would be considered racist today. Much like those Looney Tunes featuring Daffy Duck fighting Hitler. In fact, one of the episodes on this DVD is called The Japoteurs. Ha ha.... See the phrase "Japanese Sabateurs" couldn't possibly convey the outrage in this cartoon - they have to hit you over the head with "Japoteurs". Subtle? Hmmm, no.



The Voice over on this shot calls him "the amazing stranger from another planet".


Look at how intricate the background of this shot is. It's not *just* Lois, but a really dark and ominous scene.


Some run-of-the-mill 1940's racism. Note Coke-Bottle glasses and the really bad teeth. But aside from that, it's a really cool shot. I like the angle from behind and beneath the angry General.


More happy stereotyping. Gigantic bad teeth in this one. But don't worry, Superman will make short work of this evil caricature.

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