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January 04, 2005

New Year's Wrap-Up

So 2004 is now gone. Bye-bye 2004.

We had an incredibly calm, relaxing New Year's Eve/Day. A calm New Year's Eve is a good alternative every once in a while. We packed up the kids and a bunch of food and headed for Claudine's brother's house for the evening. Bill and Pam have two girls of their own. So 9 of us closed the doors and settled in with lots of food and alcohol. And let me tell you those two little girls can really put away the alcohol. They put my kid's drinking habits to shame.

Ok, maybe I'm kidding. A little. But we all ate a lot of really bad-for-you, yummy food. I was basically a slug, laying on the couch, only raising my hulking carcass occasionally to grab more brisket and make another Scotch and Coke. Since we were sleeping over I drank as much as I wanted until I was so wasted that I could barely stand up.

Ok, maybe I'm kidding. A little. The next day, many more family members came over to Bill and Pam's house to join us in our grazing. Much more food and alcohol was brought. And consumed. Most of it by me. Or so it felt. Football was watched. Kids were well-behaved. Much merriment was had by all. You can't start a year much better than that.

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