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December 18, 2004

I Got Nuthin'

Ok, I've got nothing interesting to say today. Today was a simple, stay-at-home, do nothing kind of day. This weekend is a call weekend. And do nothing kinds of days are usually what happens on call weekends.

For those of you who haven't remembered all the lingo from a year and a half ago, a call weekend is when Claudine is on call for her practice. So if a baby decides that it wants to come out of its mommy during this weekend, Claudine goes to the hosptial and gets that baby out. Of course, call weekend also means she has to respond to all sorts of OB/GYN calls. Theoretically, a patient shouldn't be calling the doctor off hours unless it is AN EMERGENCY. But theory goes right out the window most times. Claudine has been called at all hours of the night with all sorts of assorted "emergencies". She's too nice as far as I can tell. If a woman made my beeper go off in the middle of the night to ask questions about her constipation, I would simply hang up.

But call weekend means that Claudine can't stray too far from the hospital. And if we go anywhere as a family, it means we need to take two cars.

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