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Claudine and I went to our lawyers office today to sign our wills. What a creepy thing. I mean, I know that it isn't really creepy - it's a smart and responsible thing to do. But it's just that all of the conversations centered on my death, Claudine's death, or for the daily double, the death of both of us. And of course since the language of the will has to cover every possibility, there was also mention of what happens to our stuff if one, two or all three of our kids have died. Whee! Good times, Come ON!

An interesting thing that I did not know with regards to wills is that if Claudine and I both die at the same time, the language of the wills are constructed to have Claudine's will take precedence. Now that doesn't make much difference because our wills are pretty much the same. But say that I didn't want her brother handling the estate after I die. I'd be out of luck. Actually, I'd already be out of luck, because I'd be dead, but you get the idea. My wishes are for ca-ca, because her will would take precedence. Kind of sexist if you ask me. But you didn't.

Much like the last time at out lawyers, I spent most of my time signing my name and initials. We had three documents to sign - a will, a living will, and a power of attorney. And there was one set for me and one for Claudine. Each of these documents had multiple pages AND there were multiple copies of each. We had to initial each page of the documents and sign the last pages. And then we had to sign as witnesses on each other's documents. A weird thing happened to me while I was signing all this stuff. I was initialing so much that when I got to the end of a document that required a full signature, I would screw up and write my initials. Then I'd have to kind of fake the rest of my signature OVER the initials which totally made the final result look like a forgery. After doing that twice I started be conscious of my signature. Which as it turns out, is bad. Because apparently one does their best signature when they aren't thinking about making a signature. Try it right now. Sign you name while concentrating on making your best signature. It's hard isn't it? It isn't?.... Oh. Perhaps I'm a mutant. The end result is that really NONE of my signatures on all these documents actually match. I'm sure that when that will goes for be executed, there's gonna be trouble. Well.... screw 'em! I'll already be dead!